A lift for any purpose!

The Whisper-Ride is a TV-Lift moving vertically which can be integrated into furniture or wall-mounted. 

The Whisper-Ride TV-Lifts are complete solutions, easy to install and to handle, reliable and they are delivered ready to plug in.

You will be fascinated and impressed. At a touch of a button, your LCD- or Plasma-TV will conceal or reveal at your command.

However, what makes the difference between the Whisper- Ride and other lifts?

The Whisper-Ride has numerous applications. Therefore, with its help, one can handle the different lifting-processes in the household, workshop or office. Even the booth-builder and carpenter will discover many interesting applications for its use.

Features and functions

Depending on the model, strokes of up to 100 cm can be achieved, by a lifting capacity of up to 65 kg. The devices are maintenance free and their silent drive guarantees a trouble-free operation.

The Whisper-Ride TV-Lifts are solid constructed and built for a long lifespan. Therefor we guarantee for 2 years warranty!
As standard, all Whisper-Ride models are delivered with a wired hand switch as well as a radio remote control.

Installation and Implenting

The Whisper-Ride is delivered ready to operate. Therefore, the installation is quick and easy, even from only one person, to complete.

According to our motto: Technology serving people!

Many other TV-Lifts are often complicated and elaborated, and only by technically experienced people, to assemble. In addition, they require quite a lot of room and therefore prevent additional electronic components or something similar of being placed into the sideboard, cabinet, etc. The Whisper-Ride is outstanding with a depth of merely approximately 40-70 mm (according to the model) which it requires behind a television. With its width of approximately 120-273 mm (according to the model), it is also described as a "thin lift".






You want your flat screen to be disappeared, because ….

  • … you want to decide, when your AV-Technique is visible.
  • … the black screen doesn't fit to your establishment.
  • … you want to protect your expensive flat screen against damage and dirt.
  • … you want to adjust your flat screen anytime and uncomplicated to an individual height.

Our Whisper-Ride has been design especially for this purpose. With its whisper-quiet motor, it moves the flat-screen up and down, by a press on the standard equipped radio remote control. The universal monitor-bracket enables the attachment of almost every flat screen. The likewise delivered lever ensures an elegant raising of the cupboard-cover. Last but not least, thereby the Whisper-Ride is lifting devices of up to 65 kg.

A big range of variety - for every purpose the right model

We are offering you four different Whisper-Ride-Models, so that you can find a suitable model for every purpose.

Model Whisper Ride I Whisper Ride II Whisper Ride III Whisper Ride IV
Lifting capacity for continuous
operation / peak load max.
65 kg
100 kg
50 kg
50 kg
65 kg
100 kg
65 kg
100 kg
Lifting capacity (max.) when
mounted upside down
29 kg 29 kg 29 kg 29 kg
Lifting height
(suitable for flat screens of
up to a height of
750 mm 460 mm 700 mm 1000 mm
Speed  28 mm/sec.  25 mm/sec.   28 mm/sec.   28 mm/sec. 
Measurements TV-Lift
(lowest position)
H x W x D (in mm) 
865 x 250 x 110 646 x 120 x 85 600 x 286 x 72 750 x 286 x 72
Power supply 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V
Lower and upper end-
positions individually adjustable
- -
Collision protection while lowering -
incl. Wired hand switch
incl. Radio remote control
Quiet drive

Maintenance-free operation

Universal flat-screen bracket

Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years