Operating the SOR lifting system

The SOR lifting system is simple to operate using the hand-operated switch (A) included in the standard equipment.

An optional 2-channel radio control unit is also available. It comprises a radio remote controller (B) and a 433 MHz hand-held transmitter (C).

Full casing as per CE standard

Lifting systems which are not used as part of an installation and are installed as a stand-alone device, require some form of protection against intervention. We therefore supply full casing which comprises a robust bellows. Please refer to the price list for informationon the different model versions available.


For lifting systems which are not fitted in a fixed position and are to be used flexibly, we supply a carriage with two steering rollers with a dual-locking park brake and two fixed rollers. For further information please see our price list.


Cover Plates

Cover plates of steel, stainless steel (with or without angle of bend), aluminium, plastic material and plywood according to your wishes. Delivery times and prices available on request.


Power outlet strip

On request we can equip your lifting system with a double or triple power outlet strip. It is fastened to the upper frame and supplied with power through a spiral cable.


Roller track

Scissors-lifting-system with roller track


Compact lifting systems with a lightweight construction

We also produce compact lifting systems in aluminium. For more detailed information, refer to the technical data page and our price list.