What are the SOR lifting systems?  

SOR lifting systems are operated by an electric motor with a lifting spindle.

It can be used everywhere where objects are to be moved up and down and positioned at infinitely variable height parallel to the contact surface. Depending on the series and model, the SOR lifting system can handle loads of up to 300 kg.

The system can be used principally in two ways. On one hand, the SOR lifting system can be used as a work, presentation or transportation surface which can be positioned at infinitely variable heights. Certain devices can also be lowered out of sight into pieces of furniture or building components.

Sor Hebesystem



How does the SOR lifting system work?

The SOR lifting system is based on a classic scissor-type lifting system. The lifting elements are extended and retracted with the push of a button.

SOR lifting systems are nor hydraulically powered but are operated by an electric spindle stroke.

The benefits are clear:

  • It is environmentally friendly as it does not require any hydraulic oil

  • It is maintenance free. No oil, filter or sealing ring changes necessary

  • Cleanliness. No oil leaks

  • No positional changes, even after long periods without use - i.e. no re-adjustments required

  • High level of positioning accuracy

  • Low-noise operation

  • Compact construction

  • Energy supply from standard mains socket

  • Low net weight

  • Long operational life

  • Ready for operation immediately

  • 2 year guarantee 

Sor Hebesystem



SOR lifting system in the lowest position

Depending on the series and model, the lowest position (installed height) is between 100 and 240 mm.

When extended, the SOR lifting system can reach a maximum height of between 250 and 1490 mm, depending on the series and model. We can also produce special custom systems on request. Feel free to contact us.

All of the lifting systems shown here are plastic-coated in special colours.

SOR lifting system in the highest position



Infinitely variable settings for lift stroke



SOR lifting systems are delivered already preset. The height of the lifting system's stroke can be adjusted to the exact millimetre using the adjusting rings (A and B).


Integration into other systems

The SOR lifting system can be integrated in an existing assembly belt systems or productions lines. If required, several devices can be combined. 


Maximum quality

The SOR lifting system's frame and supporting parts are produced from a highly stable steel alloy, using state-ofthe- art CNC technology. The scissor components are galvanised and thus protected from corrosion. The upper and lower frames have an impact and corrosion resistant plastic coating.The environmentally friendly electric motor is fitted with an overheating protection device. It is fully maintenance free and is operated using a standard mains plug. The bearings on the pivots and moving parts are designed for a long operational life.

We therefore offer a 2 year guarantee. 


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