Invest in safety

Millions are invested in security each year in Germany - in private homes and companies alike. In complicated locking systems and alarm systems or in motion detectors. However, it is seldom that anyone considers the security of valuable object inside the buildings.

The SOR lifting system can provide the suitable solution. With our system, safes with valuables or important documents can be made to quickly disappear into walls or other building elements and are thus protected from unauthorised access.

Keeping valuables safe: The hidden safe in the bathroom - the SOR lifting system makes it possible.


Inspiration for the home

Regardless what you want to disappear out of sight in the home, with the SOR lifting system your imagination knows no limits. Whether it's the television or drinks bar in the lounge or the bread slicer in the kitchen or the safe in the bathroom, the SOR lifting system provides comfort in every room.

Confidential documents are given the ideal protection in a hidden safe.