Why are ergonomics at the workplace nowadays so important?  There are a number of reasons for that - the most important are:

  • Satisfaction of the employees
  • Enhance the productivity

  • Minimize error rates
  • Prevent damage to health

  • Reduce absence and times of illness

Nowadays a modern and responsible company doesn't get along without ergonomically oriented, electromotive height adjustable desks, if they place value on the wellbeing of their employees.

For SOR ergonomics and flexibility by the desk design do not contradict each other.

We are offering a wide ranging, variable assortment of Terminal-, Office- and Conference-Tables.

We provide worktables of high quality along with excellent price-performance-ratio. A small investment, that soon pays off.

Our electrical height adjustable tables are complete solutions, easy to install and to handle, reliable and they are delivered ready to plug in.

The tables are maintenance free and quiet operating noises guarantee for a trouble-free operation. The power supply is provided over a normal 230 V socket.


Operated are the tables by the control unit, which can be e.g. simple and easy to reach, screwed under the tabletop.

All tables can be steplessly height adjusted and therefore enables to work whether seated or standing, for everybody. The strong and rigid construction allows a lifting capacity of up to 150 kg (depending on the model).

The elegant tables are powder coated in alu-silver (RAL 9006).

The Systems are solid constructed and built for a long lifespan.

Therefore, we guarantee for 2 years warranty!

A tabletop is not included in the delivery - in this respect please go to your specialized woodworker nearby.


Height Adjustable Callcenter-Tables

Height Adjustable Desks and Conference-Tables